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JAC S5 genuine parts

J5 Rear cushion assembly 1001110U2010 1
J5 Front cushion assembly 1001210U2010 2
J5 Right mounting cushion assembly 1001310U2010 3
J5 Rear oxygen sensor 1026605GD050 4
J5 Fuel pump 1106010U7101 5
J5 Rediator inlet pipe assembly 1303101U7054 6
J5 Rediator fan assembly 1308100U1010XZ 7
J5 clutch cover with pressure plate assy 1601100U8020 8
J5 Front bumper housing assy 2803100U7101 9
J5 Left hand bracket of front bumper assy 2803170U7101 10
J5 Right hand bracket of front bumper 2803180U7101 11
J5 Radiator grille 2803190U7101 12
J5 Bumper net 2803280U7101 13
J5 Buffer beam assy of front bumper 2803300U2010 14
J5 Rear bumper assembly(with reverse radar) 2804100U7101 15
J5 Rear bumper left mounting bracket 2804170U7101 16
J5 Rear bumper right mounting bracket 2804180U7101 17
J5 Rear bumper anti-collision beam assembly 2804300U7101 18
J5 Left lower rocker arm assy 2904100U2080 19
J5 Rright lower swim arm assy 2904200U2080 20
J5 Left front absorber 2905110U7101 21
J5 Right front absorber 290520U7101 22
J5 Front lateral stable lever 2906100U2010 23
J5 Rear stabilizer rod pull rod 2916100U2010 24
J5 Left front wheel cowling 3102110U7101 25
J5 Right front wheel cowling 3102120U7101 26
J5 Front wheel hub bearing unit 3103110U2011 27
J5 Rear wheel hub bearing unit 3104110U2011 28
J5 Tension mechanism 3406750U2010 29
J5 Sensor assembly 3603200U8010 30
J5 Left-front ABS wheel speed sensor 3630010U2010 31
J5 Right front ABS sensor 3630040U2010 32
J5 Left front combo light assy 4121100U7101 33
J5 Right front combination light 4121200U7101 34
J5 Left-rear combination lamp assy 4133100U7101 35
J5 Right rear combination light assembly 4133200U7101 36
J5 Left-rear outside vision mirror with electric calefaction 8210100U7101 37
J5 Rear outer rear mirror assyr with electric calefaction 8210200U7101 38
J5 Engine cover assy 8402010U7101E 39
J5 Left fender 8403101U7101E 40
J5 Right fender 8403201U7101E 41
J5 Auto tensioner assy S1021L21153-50007 42
J5 Pulley S1021L21153-50014 43
J5 Idle pulley S1021L21153-50016 44
J5 Ignition coil S1042L21153-50009 45
J5 Release bearing S1700L21069-40100 46
J5 Power steering rod S3406L21050-50002 47
J5 Power steering ball S3406L21050-50003 48
J5 Left back mirror lamp S8210L24040-50005 49
J5 Right back mirror lamp S8210L24040-50006 50
S5 Oil cooler 1010213GD052 51
S5 Power steering pump belt tensioner 1015080GD014 52
S5 Automatic tensioning mechanism 1023100GA 53
S5 secondary tension pulley sub-assy 1023300GA 54
S5 First tension pulleysub-assy 1023400GA 55
S5 Idle pulley 1023608GA 56
S5 secondary tension pulley sub-assy 1023609GA 57
S5 Firstlevel tooth berl 1023611GA 58
S5 High tension coil(long) 1026104GAA 59
S5 High tension coil(short) 1026105GAA 60
S5 High tension coil 1026108GAA 61
S5 Fuel supply pump assy 1106010U1510 62
S5 Pump fuel transfer 1106010U1520 63
S5 Radiator assy 1301100U1630 64
S5 Radiator fan assy 1308100U1510 65
S5 Reverse light switch assy 1701101U1510-10 66
S5 Deflector assembly 2802100U1510 67
S5 S-front bumper body 2803101U1510 68
S5 S-front bumper body 2803101U1591 69
S5 Front bumper lower cover 2803102U1510 70
S5 S-front bumper upper grid 2803103U1510 71
S5 Ub brtthe strip of lower grid 2803217U1592Z 72
S5 Front bumper beam assembly 2803300U1510 73
S5 Left front bumper mounting bracket 2803510U1510 74
S5 Right front bumper mounting bracket 2803520U1510 75
S5 Front frame assembly 2803700U1510 76
S5 S-rear bumper body 2804101U1510 77
S5 Rear bumper lower cover 2804102U1510 78
S5 Rear bumper beam assembly 2804300U1521 79
S5 Right rear bumper bracket assembly 2804520U1510 80
S5 Left front lower arm assembly 2904300U1510 81
S5 Lower front suspension arm pin assembly 2904340U1510 82
S5 Right front lower arm assembly 2904400U1510 83
S5 Left front shock absorber assembly 2905100U1555 84
S5 Right front shock absorber assembly 2905200U1555 85
S5 Front stablizer bar assy 2906010U1510 86
S5 Front stabilizer bar pull rod assy 2906020U1510XZ 87
S5 Rear shock absorber assembly 2915010U1555 88
S5 Rear stabilizing rod assy 2916010U1510 89
S5 Rear stabilizer bar pull rod 2916020U1510XZ 90
S5 Front wheel hub bearing unit 3103010U1510XA 91
S5 Rear wheel hub bearing unit 3104030U155F 92
S5 Steering ball joint(right) 3401110U1510-03 93
S5 Steering ball joint(left) 3401110U1510-04 94
S5 Sensor assembly 3603020U1510 95
S5 Front fog lamp assembly 4116100U1510 96
S5 Left front combination lamp 4121100U1510 97
S5 Right front combination lamp 4121200U1510 98
S5 Left rear fog lamps and retro-reflectors 4133500U1510 99
S5 Right rear fog lamps and retro-reflectors 4133600U1510 100
S5 Left front wheel cover assembly 5512100U1510 101
S5 Right front wheel cover assembly 5512200U1510 102
S5 Condenser assy 8105100U1510 103
S5 Outside rearview mirror assy LH 8210100U1556BJ 104
S5 Right Outside back-view mirror assy  8210200U1556BJ 105
S5 Enginecoverassembly 8402010U1510E 106
S5 Left fender 8403101U1510E 107
S5 Right fender 8403201U1510E 108
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