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About us

Hefei Winning Auto Part  Co., Ltd which belong to Huishang group was setup by Anhui Group Corporation, Our company are one of the biggest manufacture for auto spare parts (engine mount,filter,tensioner,thermostat,oil pan,ignition coil, Alternator,starter,radiator,brake shoe,brake pad,clutch disc,clutch cover,bearing, control arm,bush,bearing,water tankect.). and We are OEM manufactures for chevrolet Sail, chery, Geely, zotye, Greatwall, ZX Auto,Chana, Changhe, Hafei, chevrolet, N200, N300, Saic Wuling, JMC, jac, DFM, DFAC, FAW, Foton, Howo, Gonow, Forland, Jinbei, Dadi, BYD, Lifan, Toyota, Hyundai, Kia, GM,Nissan, Mazda, VW ect.

Based on our strong background of domestic business, we have established business relationship with partners from Europe, North America, South-east Asia, Middle East, Africa and etc. Our best competitive capability is summarized as 3B, which means Best service, Best Quality, Best price.
In our solution, not only we have an own factories, but also we have cooperated with many factories which can provide more than 100,000 kinds of parts for almost all brands of vehicles. To ensure that all products meet our stringent quality standards, we not only choose suppliers of materials very carefully, but have also set up our own in-house QC institute. Tested at each stage of the manufacturing process, random inspections are also conducted on every product lot before being shipped to customers.

We welcome both domestic and international customers to inquire, contact and discuss importing and exporting business with us.


Contact: Exporting Department

Phone: +86-185-5511-7711

Tel: +86-551-65358739


Add: No.88 Huguang Road Shushan Area, Hefei City Of China.

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